Boreal Forest

Last updated: January 31, 2017

What Does Boreal Forest Mean?

Boreal forests are the earth’s most common and overall largest land-based biome. Boreal forests are also known as taiga, a Russian word which simply means swampy, moist forest. Boreal forests are coniferous and contain large amounts of evergreen trees. This biome plays a large role in the conditions of our earth’s climate.

Safeopedia Explains Boreal Forest

Boreal forest or taiga covers around 17% of the earth’s terrestrial area and, therefore, is greatly effected by climate change and also has great influence on climate change. Boreal forests play a huge role in intercepting and absorbing solar radiation and converting it to heat. One example of the impact of boreal forests on global warming includes what happens when these forests start to replace frozen areas of the planet and increase heat further.


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