Last Updated: January 10, 2017

Definition - What does Nephrotoxin mean?

A nephrotoxin is a substance that is in some way damaging to the tissues in the kidneys. A nephrotoxin is an example of a cytotoxin, which is a toxin that has specific effects on cells and important organs. Anything related to the kidneys is called nephritic. A study of the kidneys is called nephrology. Nephrotoxins are, therefore, cytotoxins that effect the kidneys.

Safeopedia explains Nephrotoxin

Nephrotoxins are an important point of discussion when considering drugs and medications. Drugs that have potential to cause harm to our kidneys are called nephrotoxins and nephrotoxicity will be listed as a side effect in medications or drugs containing ingredients that cause damage to the kidneys in this manner. Some examples of nephrotoxins include mercury salts and some herbicides, like Paraquat.

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