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Pneumatic Tools

What Does Pneumatic Tools Mean?

Pneumatic tools are compressed air driven power tools powered by an air compressor, or tools powered by portable compressed carbon dioxide cylinders. Such tools are able to generate more power in relation to their weight than conventional power tools are able to, and their design specifications and use are governed by a distinct set of OSHA regulations. Specific PEE is prescribed for operators under certain circumstances and various fail safes in the design of the equipment are required.

Safeopedia Explains Pneumatic Tools

OSHA regulations specify the requirements for elements such as compressed air hoses, clips and retainers to prevent accidental disconnection and safety features. An example of this can be seen in the safety features in pneumatic nailers whereby the nail should not be expelled on being triggered by the operator if the tool is not in contact with a surface. The required safety features depends on the application to which a pneumatic tool will be applied, as well as the operating pressure to be maintained. PPE may include shatterproof eye and face protection, as well as the use of guards to protect nearby employees during operation.


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