Facility Siting

Definition - What does Facility Siting mean?

A facility siting is a way of identifying, evaluating and ultimately managing risks in the workplace. Facility sitings deal exclusively with risks as a result of fire, explosions and toxins that may occur. Workers who conduct facility sitings are generally engineers, and when they are not dealing with live risks they are developing strategies and procedures to deal with any possible safety hazards.

Safeopedia explains Facility Siting

A facility siting can help to inform employers of where possible toxic risks are in their workplace. Most frequently, such work is outsourced to engineering firms, where they gather data from their clients to find out what amenities in their company have the opportunity to become a possible risk. Then a series of explosive, fire and toxin screenings are undertaken to find out how probable these potential risks are. A report with the findings will be drafted and presented with any recommendations for a safer workplace highlighted to the client.

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