Safety Can

Last updated: January 29, 2014

What Does Safety Can Mean?

A safety can refers to the equipment that is used to transport the flammable or potentially hazardous liquids in a safer manner. Generally, the maximum capacity of safety cans is 5 gallons.

Safeopedia Explains Safety Can

Safety cans are used in a wide variety of industries. The main purpose of the safety can is to transport the liquid (flammable, hazardous, toxic) in a safe manner. There are a wide variety of safety cans that are used depending upon the nature of the task and ease of handling.

For example, Type 1 safety cans are those types of cans that have only one opening, which is used for both filling and pouring purposes. Type 2 safety cans are those cans which have 2 openings, one is used to fill the can and other is used to pour from it. Additional safety measures are then added in the cans, like flame suppressor ducts, etc..


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