UVEX Safety Glasses

Last updated: May 20, 2018

What Does UVEX Safety Glasses Mean?

UVEX is a company working under Honeywell that makes different types of personal protective equipment (PPE). Safety glasses are one of the products they make.

Safeopedia Explains UVEX Safety Glasses

UVEX safety glasses are a piece of safety eyewear (personal protective equipment or PPE) that are manufactured by UVEX by Honeywell. The basic purpose of safety glasses is to provide safety to the eyes of the wearer and also to make one comfortable. The safety glasses are designed to provide a pressure free fit.

Different types of eyewear are used depending upon the nature of the work performed by the worker. Safety goggles and spectacles are just another form of safety glasses. Safety glasses that are used by people who are skiing will be different from those who are undertaking welding operations. For example, the skiing goggles will be transparent and anti-glare, while the safety glasses for welding operations will be of a dark color.


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