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Vania Silva


Vania works alongside Mr. Jeffrey Feldman at Electrocution Lawyers PLLC - Law Offices of Jeffrey H. Feldman. The law firm specializes in electrocution cases throughout the United States.

Jeffrey H. Feldman is a renowned personal injury lawyer who specializes in electrocution cases throughout the U.S — for more than 35 years. And his passion for protecting families whose lives have been turned upside down by negligent power companies knows no bounds.

Jeffrey has tried more electrocution cases than most other injury lawyers in the country. He’s also secured several multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements on behalf of his clients, many who have lost loved ones in electrocution accidents.

The driving force behind Jeffrey’s success is truly making a difference in the lives of his clients, as well as preventing injuries and deaths. He does so by uncovering every act of negligence and bad decision that power companies made leading up to the accident cases he litigates — and holding them accountable for hurting and killing innocent people. This sends a message to power companies that put profits over safety by hitting them where it most hurts — in their pocket books. It also helps institute new industry safety practices that are designed to protect the public.

Jeffrey’s incredible intelligence and attention to detail is founded in law, engineering and medicine. As a child, Jeffrey was exposed to groundbreaking advances in the medical field: His father, a doctor, had a fellowship with Albert Sabin and helped develop produce the Polio vaccine. When Jeffrey decided to become a trial lawyer, he naturally gravitated to cases that had complexity and required medical knowledge.

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