Lawrence Gold

Research Pilot Project Lead


Lawrence is a non-practicing member of the Ontario Law Bar, a business asset appraiser, an Ontario Government Appointed Bailiff, a bankruptcy liquidator, a trained legal and financial collaborative practitioner and a seasoned legislative and industry practice reformer and advocate. He has a knack for initiating and facilitating many high profile industry projects, necessarily bringing multiple interested private and public stakeholders to the table. At the outset of the pandemic he knew that, in order to craft our way out of this mess, it would be necessary to assemble a brain trust of global multi-disciplinary experts and industry stakeholders, as a “collaborative” strategic-partnership. Under the umbrella of the Bk2B pilot research project (which has the support of the Public health Agency of Canada) Bk2B has developed technology based “best practices” protocols, necessary to “detect and correct” the primary facilitators of Covid transfer. These protocols pave the way for Main Street (and other) Businesses, to re-open and safely and sustainably coexist with Covid and the developing variants. At this upcoming webinar, Dr. Gabor Lantos and I will pull out the road map in order to help you find your way.

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