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Hosking Associates


We work with organisations as the Health, Safety and/or Environmental Manager within businesses and schools where a whole internal person is not required. We work for larger companies who prefer to outsource, who require flexible support or on specific projects. We become your Competent Person. We can work with internal teams to independently audit safety and/or environmental management systems to verify arrangements are in place and working effectively.

We guide and support with the aim of raising standards at all levels and working along side you so that you and your staff can feel confident in the risk based decisions you make within your organisation

We save organisations money by helping with legal compliance, by supporting them to organise processes and documentation efficiently, and by providing the necessary training so our services are needed less over time. A healthy, happy and safe workforce improves productivity and reduces staff turnover. The process improves communication at all levels so managers feel more in control and staff feel a strong sense of team direction.

We work in close partnership with our clients who may be small, medium or large organisations. We don’t just identify problems and leave you to it – our consultants guide, support and coach to make real change happen from within. We are not afraid to make decisions if this is required. We help you to empower your people so everyone makes personal choices based on risk and the impact they have on others. We give companies the tools, training and confidence to manage all aspects of health, safety and sustainability with decreasing support from us over time.

We cut through the jargon and offer real solutions; breaking down the health and safety and environmental management minefields into bite size chunks. We are honest and realistic about the journey required to achieve compliance, and the steps necessary to achieve this.

We are not the cheapest consultants, but we do not charge large company prices either. We have packages to fit all budgets, so we can help any size organisations and start ups.

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