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How to Make the Switch from Excel to Safety Software

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Join us where we discuss the steps you need to take to easily switch from managing safety programs on Excel to a safety software solution.

OSHA, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, reports that companies who invest in safety will see benefits in all sorts of ways—from reduced worker's compensation rates to increased productivity. It’s also no surprise that technology saves us time and money. So why are safety teams still using manual spreadsheets to manage functions like compliance, overall safety, costs, and more?

Making the switch from manual processes to safety software is easy, if you know where to begin. Join the EcoOnline product team to learn the ins and outs of adopting digital safety tools.

We cover:

  1. Where to begin: Why you should invest in safety and how to get leadership-buy in
  2. What modules and tools to look for: How to access your current processes and identify the digital tools you need
  3. How to manage your migration from excel over to software: Timeline expectations, how to configure processes, and more
  4. Get the most out of it: how to engage your workforce and ensure quality safety data reporting that will prove ROI and uncover areas for operational improvements

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