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Sliptember - Learn the Science of Slip & Fall Prevention

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Slips and falls are the biggest cause of accident, injury and insurance claim. Yet, despite this, they are often overlooked as Simple, Low-cost, Impossible-to-solve or Paltry (we call this “The SLIP Problem”).

In this webinar, Christian Harris, founder of Slip Safety Services and host of the Safety And Risk Success Podcast, will explain: why we should think differently about slips and falls; the key principles we need to know to address this risk; how his clients have achieved 57%+ reductions in incidents; and the benefits of getting this right.

Key outcomes:

  1. Discover that slips and falls are serious, scientific, and stoppable
  2. Learn about CHIMES – the six reasons people slip and fall
  3. Get practical next steps to reduce the risk in your building(s)

You are encouraged to use the Slip Safety Scorecard in advance of this webinar. This digital self-assessment will score you on CHIMES and show you where you are strongest and where you have room for improvement in slip safety. By participants using the Scorecard in advance, Christian will be able to aggregate the results and tailor his presentation to the areas with greatest room for improvement. Check out the Slip Safety Scorecard here

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