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The Heat is On: What to Expect From OSHA’s New NEP on Outdoor & Indoor Heat Hazards

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OSHA launched a targeted program to protect workers across the nation from the increasing threat of heat-related illness. It went into effect April 8, 2022

OSHA's National Emphasis Program (NEP) creates, for the first time, a nationwide enforcement mechanism for OSHA to proactively inspect workplaces for heat-related hazards in general industry, maritime, construction, or agriculture operation alleging hazardous exposures to heat for both outdoors and indoors.

This means that OSHA can now launch heat-related inspections on high-risk worksites before workers suffer preventable injuries, illnesses, or fatalities.

The NEP encourages employers to protect workers from heat hazards by providing employee access to water, rest, shade, adequate training, and implementing acclimatization procedures for new or returning employees. It contains both enforcement and outreach/compliance assistance components.

Come listen to Bubba Wolford on what this means for you, your workforce, and your organization.

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