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How to Build a Sustainable EHS Program with Technology

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Easier, faster, convenient – all terms we use when considering how technology has benefited us. For many of us, we could not imagine our day-to-day lives without the phones at our fingertips, responsive digital assistants, GPS applications to help us get to where we need to go or countless other modern marvels.

Many of these same devices and similar software systems also meld into our professional lives and aid us in our work processes. Departments such as accounting and sales tend to rely heavily on process-driven software applications that make lives easier and more understandable across both small and large organizations.

The same can occur within the environmental, health and safety profession. EHS software has the potential to offer many advantages for both companies and individual employees, from increased productivity to lower costs from EHS improvements.

This session will focus on three primary items:

1. Benefits of adopting EHS technology

2. Serious considerations when adopting EHS technology

3. Common myths and barriers related to EHS adoption

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