Hydration: The Underappreciated Safety and Productivity Measure Many Industrial Workplaces Miss

You'll rarely see them listed on a pre-safety checklist, but water and electrolytes are important pieces of personal protection equipment (PPE) that every worker should have access to. Hydration plays a critical role in both the performance and safety of your team members. In this free download, we'll look at some of the risks associated with dehydration and how to integrate proper hydration into your safety systems.


There have been some studies on the effects of hydration and dehydration in the workplace, but the richest source of data and information we have about it comes from the field of athletic performance.

During competitive events, athletes can lose 6 to 10% of their body weight just through sweating. Unless they replace these lost fluids, they will experience a reduction in reaction time and decreased endurance. And it isn’t just these extreme cases of fluid loss that have these negative effects. It only takes mild dehydration – losing about 2% body weight through sweating – to trigger a decrease in overall performance.

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