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Striking a Balance: Standardization in Diverse Operations

Developing and enforcing a baseline and consistent metrics (via objectives) from which to benchmark is typical for most organizations endeavoring on their EHS journeys. However, it's crucial to acknowledge the inherent diversity and dynamism within both our operations and our workforce. How do you overcome the challenges of navigating the complexities of EHS standardization in the face of operational diversity?
Join Jeramy Hurt, CSP, ASP in discussion with Bryce Griffler, M.Eng., CSP (he/him), as they share tools and tangible solutions that EHS leaders can implement to navigate this conflict.
Attendees will glean:
  1. Why a management system (standardized) approach is critical to managing EHS performance
  2. Why EHS leaders must embrace the diverse nature of their operations rather than minimize it
  3. How to articulate, reconcile and resolve the inherent conflict between EHS standardization and diversity.
Secure your spot in this essential conversation on achieving EHS excellence in today's multifaceted operational environment.

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