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Top 5 Hearing Protection Considerations That You Might Not Be Thinking About

Hearing loss is one of many safety issues that permeate almost every workplace but is seldom discussed in the open. Protecting workers from noise-induced hearing loss requires a set of interventions at every level. Engineering and administrative controls are important, but it’s rarely possible to entirely eliminate dangerous noise levels from the work site. This is where hearing protection PPE comes in.

But we've come up with the top 5 things you might not be considering when it comes to hearing protection.

Join Bryan McWhorter as he covers:

  1. No-Roll earplugs for workers with dirty hands or wearing gloves - Occurrence of ear infections
  2. Independent vs. Manufacturer’s Self-tested NRR Ratings - What is the ANSI Standard?
  3. Overview of Personal Attenuation Rating (PAR) Testing
  4. Supplying workers a variety of suitable hearing protection options ("Employers shall...") - Compliance with OSHA 1910.95 (Occupational Noise Exposure)
  5. Relationship of sound levels to duration of exposure

Bryan McWhorter
Bryan McWhorter

Lead Safety Advisor, Author, Writer, Speaker

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