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The Dragon Slayer Story - A Kaizen Approach to Safety

Every employee needs to understand the basics of hazard assessment and control. We need every employee to play an active role in uncovering and addressing unsafe conditions in the work environment and unsafe behavior in their peers. Join Bryan McWhorter as he drives home the point with a little story. A story that doesn't take place on a factory floor or on a construction site. This one takes place hundreds of years ago.

Topics of this webinar include:

  • The Dragon Slayer Story
  • Why do workers take risks?
  • Total Productive Safety vs. Traditional Safety
  • RACI: Understanding our role in Safety
  • Safety problems come in all sizes
  • Three elements should be in place at the start of each work day

Bryan McWhorter
Bryan McWhorter

Lead Safety Advisor, Author, Writer, Speaker

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