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Fall Protection Knowledge Center

The goal behind fall safety is to eliminate fall hazards in the workplace. Here you will find information about legislation and standards pertaining to fall protection, employer and worker responsibilities around fall safety, and tips for analyzing fall risk and preventing falls. This includes a dictionary of terms about fall safety and fall protection, details about fall protection systems and components, and the details on how impact forces affect the body. Through education and applying safe work practices and procedures when working above ground level, dangerous falls can be prevented.

Fall Protection Webinars

Last summer, the new dropped objects standard set in place best practices for dropped and falling objects prevention that every safety manager should...

Join us to discuss a variety of fall safety topics with global practitioner Doug Myette. Have a question you need answered? Send it our way and we...

You’ve seen the stats. Or maybe already suffered the cost. Either way, you know the damage dropped objects are causing on worksites, and...

Fall Protection Downloads

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This whitepaper explains what health and safety managers need to consider when selecting personal fall protection equipment (PFPE) for workers operating at height.

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