Site Surveillance

Last updated: September 27, 2017

What Does Site Surveillance Mean?

Site surveillance describes the monitoring of activity on a site (most commonly a construction site). Site surveillance is commonly implemented in order to protect the site from threats such as theft or fire, but can also be used to constantly monitor on-site activity and can be used as evidence if workplace incidents occur.

Site surveillance usually involves the hiring of security staff and the installation of security cameras.

Safeopedia Explains Site Surveillance

Site surveillance is a common practice among construction companies because it is a simple solution to what has been a very costly problem. Construction materials and tools are a very expensive investment and the installation of a monitoring system usually represents a small proportion of that initial investment. The hiring of on-site staff is an additional step that is becoming more and more popular when sites are either very large or have a large amount of materials on-site. The presence of an on-site officer tends to dissuade thieves more than a security system does.



Construction Site Surveillance

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