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Kathy Seabrook

CEO and founder of Global Solutions, Inc


Kathy is CEO and founder of Global Solutions, Inc., with a degree in Chemistry and professional certifications in the US, UK and Europe. She is a trusted advisor on business integration, integrated management systems and culture change to business, governments and NGOs around the world. Her focus is on companies, across industry sector, leveraging the value of people and their safety, health and wellbeing on operational and commercial excellence and overall sustainable, resilient corporate performance. Kathy is co-Chair of the Capitals Coalition’s Valuing Human Capital in OHS Project Group and a published author/international speaker on global EHS management, human capital and the people side of sustainability/ESG. She is Vice Chair of the US TAG and US delegate to TC283/ISO 45001 standards, appointee to the US National Academies of Science: Gulf Research Risk Committee and former Board Chair of the Center for Safety and Health Sustainability and the American Society of Safety Professionals.

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