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Safety Culture Measurement is Not Monkey Business

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Would you let a monkey perform surgery on you, drive your car or cook your dinner?

Then why would you use a ‘monkey survey’ to analyze your safety culture, to produce bogus answers to the wrong questions, wasting thousands of dollars!

Not only must you have the ‘right’ questions, but you simply can NOT use typical ( 5-point/Likert) scaled questionnaires. That is not how you measure ‘culture’! What you get is biased opinions and monkey information!

Safemap’s PriSMA culture analysis is 25 years in the making, and the only survey available that accurately measure ‘culture’ with a comprehensive culture model, a large database for benchmarking and most importantly, using a unique survey technique that measures ‘intuitive perception’ and not biased opinion of employees.

We have deployed this survey at hundreds of companies globally, resulting in one of the largest databases for benchmarking. Also, we are the preferred supplier to many corporations in this field.

And now, Safemap is making this system available for external users.

We are looking for consultant partners globally to join our ‘PriSMA Culture Network’ and enjoy access to our advanced system, that you can use with your clients.

Or…if you are the Safety or HR professional in your company, you can now obtain this system for easy self-deployment in your organization.

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