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Fundamentals of Cleanroom Apparel: Protecting People, Products, & Processes

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For a wide range of industries, processes must be kept clean and uncontaminated. Selecting the appropriate cleanroom apparel can help improve productivity and reduce risk in your controlled environment. While manufacturing settings such as pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, and electronics will require high standards for particle and microbiological contamination control, there are also often hazards present that pose a risk to the safety of cleanroom workers.

Please enjoy this on demand webinar with Joe Kubiatowicz, Controlled Environment Specialist from DuPont Personal Protection, as he discusses the fundamentals of cleanroom apparel. Cleanroom terminology, design, and classifications will be presented, as well as contamination sources, minimum gowning requirements, and fabric technologies. Single-use and reusable garment systems will be described and common needs of companies that have cleanrooms and other controlled environments will be discussed. One such need that will be detailed is protecting workers in a cleanroom, while also protecting products and processes.

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