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ThunderMaps helps engage your staff in workplace health and safety with interactive mobile location based reporting

Software Description

We help businesses collect health and safety reports from their staff.

  • making reporting easy
  • reducing paperwork
  • improving information quality

But there is one more thing.

Workers should not need to ask where hazards are. They should already know.

risk alerts being communicated on an iPhone, iPad and Android phone

Confidence comes from knowledge

Imagine staff being able to collect risk locations in an easy and user friendly way… no paper forms needed.

But let’s take this one step further.

Mobile apps can track staff locations and give your people real-time risk awareness – this is where the power of ThunderMaps comes in.

There is no longer a delay in you getting the right information to the right people. No matter where they are.


To report you quickly get out your phone, push a button, take a photo and categorise your report with the simple information your business needs. No need to stop work.


Set the work-sites and areas that you care about, or your administrator can do this for you. Your business can send the right risk alerts to the right people, at the right time and place.

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