by secova USA, Inc.
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Our solution sam* is the leading software for the areas of EHS, QM and Occupational Health with more than 400 customers and over 500,000 users.
  Software Description

sam* consists of different functional modules that are combined in a unique, corporate central database. Select the desired modules according to your operational requirements (modular system). All sam* modules engage seamlessly with one another, and can be activated at any time.

  Product Details
Multi User:  Yes

  Features Checklist
  •    COR Certification
  •    Corrective Actions
  •    Customs Compliance
  •    Data Analysis Auditing
  •    Environmental Compliance
  •    Field Level Risk Assessment (FLRA)
  •    Hazard Assessment
  •    ISO 14001 Conformance
  •    ISO Management
  •    Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
  •    MSDS
  •    OSHA Management
  •    Process Management
  •    Risk Alerts
  •    Safe Work Practices
  •    Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
  •    Training Management