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INX Software

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Occupational Health, Safety & Incident Software

Take control of your occupational health, safety and environmental requirements through this easy-to-use, mobile and configurable OHS management software solution.

Software Description

Taking a proactive approach in managing safety and risk assists organizations in preventing or lessening unforeseen workplace events and incidents.

Due to valuable time being lost while trying to manage paper-based and spreadsheet systems, organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the need to standardize and centrally control OHS data. The agreed process by which OHS data is captured and reported is essential to the success of any organization. INX InControl provides a simple-to-use and flexible framework to achieve this, whether in the office, travelling or in the field.


Ease of access is vital to support any OHS system. Complete checklists, risk assessments, attach photos, identify your GPS location, manage immediate actions and capture as much information as you want through the INX InControl mobile application


Establishing who needs to be notified and when for certain OHS event types, as well as what workflow needs to be followed, is essential to the efficient operation of any system. Each event type within INX InControl can be configured so that the appropriate people will be notified and different workflows are executed.


Set up asset, chemical, equipment and other registers with a listing of items and attached documents. You can schedule events such as audits and inspections against the register so that it is maintained without you having to worry.


Risk can be a complex area with the need to actively manage it and quickly respond to events when they occur. INX InControl allows you to do both. Manage them through the dedicated risk register or as an OHS event type with related workflows, notifications and tabs.

Injury and Return to Work

Managing employee injuries and developing Return to Work (RTW) plans can often be a complex and time-consuming task. INX InControl allows you to manage this in a logical and simple manner with the added peace of mind of secure and restricted user access.

Unlimited event types

INX InControl allows you to manage all OHS event types including incidents, injuries, audits, behavior-based interactions, take 5s, risk assurance tasks, risk reviews, stakeholder interactions, approvals (management of change), customer complaints, inspections, meetings, security and more. Create your own OHS event types, configure the event requirements and related workflows to ensure all your OHS needs are covered by INX InControl.

Scheduled events

Save time and increase your productivity by scheduling regular events. Set up your incidents, audits, inspections and other OHS events to run whether you’re in the office or not. Responsible people will be notified in advance so you can sit back and relax. Tracking these scheduled events provides important leading indicators.

Assign actions

Actions are often lost or not completed. INX InControl allows you to assign and track actions for individuals within the system. Actions not completed by their due date will trigger notifications to a supervisor who can ensure they are closed out and/or verified.

People management

INX Software is a workforce management and business process solution. From an OHS point of view, INX InControl allows you to manage your employees, contractor and visitor compliances, actions, events, health, injury and certification. Additional information related to skills and training, accommodation and logistics, health and more can be managed with the rest of the INX Software suite.

Reports and graphs

INX InControl comes with a range reporting, graphing and analytical tools. These can be emailed, scheduled or exported as PDF, Word or Excel files. Users can also create and schedule their own reports and graphs through the ad-hoc reports tool and share these with others for quick and effective reporting purposes.

3rd Party Integrations

INX is often integrated with third party tools and programs to automatically update relevant information where required in the product as part of our projects. Successful integrations mean that system administrators can avoid entering the same data into multiple systems and speed up routine data level tasks, saving significant time and money.

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