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eConserve Software

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FirstEHS provides a scalable platform for the management to review and upgrade the safety strategy across multiple facilities and business units. It is an effective tool to organize end-to-end features of occupational safety, to suggest a methodology, to plan safety budgets, to eliminate non-conforming areas and to address employees’ claims. It generates online statutory reports and facilitates timely submission conforming to ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001 and U.S standards (OSHA) 300, 300 A, 301

Software Description

What we offer: eConserve Safety Management Software Suite:

  • Accident / Incident Management
  • Occupational Safety (injury/Illness)
  • Ecological Safety (environmental damage)
  • Asset Safety (property loss or damage)
  • Behavior Based Safety
  • Risk Assessment
  • Safety Audits
  • Task Management
  • Corrective Action / Preventive Action
  • Godown Inspection
  • Training Management
  • Document Control
  • Report Central
  • Environmental Metrics
  • MSDS
  • Work Permit
  • PPE Management
  • ESM Management
  • KPI Tracker
  • Dashboards & Analytic Reports

System Strengths:

  • On-premise or Cloud
  • Web-based solution, no software to install on clients
  • Use your own master data
  • Professionally tailored User Interface designed for ease of use and practicality
  • Integrated reporting
  • Flexible pricing; Easy monthly billing
  • Mobility; EHS solutions on your fingertips
  • Right minded: from small businesses to large enterprises.
  • Pay per user

Unique Value Addition:

  • Pre-Defined Library
  • Easy, fast and simple reporting by choosing among the pre-defined library
  • Attach Photos, videos, documents and more
  • User friendly
  • 100% Configurable; Tailor Made
  • Web based. This means you only need an internet connection and a web browser (preferably Google Chrome)
  • Developed to the strictest security standards


Organize end-to-end features of operational safety to improve savings on incident costs and adjust the safety budgets. Eliminate non-conforming areas and address employee claims for timely compliance. Conduct comprehensive root cause analysis and initiate corrective actions to minimize disruptions.


Record and analyze incidence data occurring due to unsafe attitudes of employees. Enable the management to implement suitable and practical remedial measures with employee participation.


Identify, assess and prioritize risks followed by coordinated and economical application of resources to prevent operational disruptions. Initiate corrective actions to minimize, monitor and control the probability and / or eliminate risks.


Conduct root cause analysis of non-conformities to prevent the occurrence and take corrective action. It is a part of good manufacturing practice (GMP) to control unstable trends in product and process monitoring.


Automate definition, delegation and assignment of tasks. Accelerate work performance, make employees and managers more effective and organized, to track tasks with automated routine work.


Conduct systematic investigations to check whether the activities and results are conforming to the planned measures. Track findings and recommendations to strictly adhere to and suggest corrective actions for better performance.


Manage creation, approval and distribution of electronic documents for internal and external communication for execution of safety procedures and maintain document logs. Automate routing, workflow procedures and carry out change requests.


Build pre-formatted Access Reports using Report Builder with minimum effort and time. Perform complex tasks and calculations which can be updated and retrieved instantly.


Improve storage facilities, capacity and efficiency of operations. Enhance ecological conditions and maintenance of the premises. Avoid premature failures with periodic inspections of firefighting equipment and facilities.


Organize training, licensing and certification activities of employees, contractors and work groups. Optimize resources, costs and time on training courses and maintain records for future references.


MSDS, a technically managed WHMIS information system gives complete data of a controlled product with details of health hazards due to exposure, handling, storage and usage and related remedial measures.


Safety in construction industry is important to sustain the greenhouse gas effect to distract carbonization. Ensure compliance to the carbon reduction commitment and improve environmental sustainability performance.

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