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Contemporary Software

EnviroWare provides an enterprise-wide management solution designed specifically for companies treating, storing and disposing of special case materials, such as hazardous waste. EnviroWare helps these companies streamline their operations by automating many of the repetitive tasks necessary to process waste. EnviroWare also vastly improves customer service by centralizing all of the information your client's need to know. This makes your Customer Service Reps able to understand instantly how they can best serve your clients and at what price. Waste operations managers benefit since their teams can get more done, more quickly. Sales groups can instantly find ways to say yes to clients by understand capacity from single or multi-facility TSDFs.

Software Description

With over one hundred pre-built reports, EnviroWare helps companies quickly get the data they need to be more efficient. These reports provide "cradle to grave" tracking for waste and help companies stay compliant with federal and state regulations. Auditing projects, that used to take weeks or months, can now be handled in minutes. Centralized information makes it much easier to improve compliance and EnviroWare can automatically be set to warn you if mistakes are made. This allows your company to be proactive in waste handling and avoid the likelihood of costly EPA and state fines.

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