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by Intelex Technologies Inc.
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Safety isn’t just about measuring your numbers, it’s about changing the day to day behavior in your organization. Maturing your safety culture takes vision, planning and safety management software. Transform your safety culture with the world's leading health and safety management software system.
  Software Description

Intelex’s Safety Management Software will help you:

Learn what is happening within your organization

Record, trend and investigate all types of EHS incidents, near-misses and dangerous conditions across your organization. Set safety objectives and targets and communicate your organization's health & safety management policy to internal stakeholders.

Continuously Improve

Improve the performance of your safety initiatives by leveraging leading indicators including behavioral based safety, job safety analysis and ergonomics tracking.

Discover transformational Indicators

Get ahead of the safety curve with occupational health records and ergonomics assessments for all you employees across multiple job functions.

Clearly define and communicate safety

Document and communicate safety compliance, safety policies and procedures through structured training for all team members in one central system of records.

  Product Details
Multi User:  Yes

  Features Checklist
  •    Archiving & Retention
  •    Audit Trail
  •    Auditing
  •    Build Custom Forms
  •    Certification Management
  •    Compliance Management
  •    COR Certification
  •    Corrective Actions
  •    Data Analysis Auditing
  •    Document Management
  •    Electronic Signature
  •    Email Notifications
  •    Emissions Inventory
  •    Energy Carbon Management
  •    Environmental Compliance
  •    Gamification
  •    Hazard Assessment
  •    Hazardous Materials Control
  •    Incident Investigation
  •    Incident Management
  •    ISO 14001 Conformance
  •    ISO Management
  •    Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
  •    Mobile Learning
  •    MSDS
  •    Process Management
  •    Reporting & Statistics
  •    Requirements Management
  •    Risk Alerts
  •    Root Cause Analysis
  •    Safe Job Procedures
  •    Safe Work Practices
  •    Scheduling & Events
  •    Search Functionality
  •    Sustainability Management
  •    Testing / Assessments
  •    Training Management
  •    Upload Files and Photos
  •    Waste Management
  •    Water Management
  •    Worker Profile & Safety Records