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EHS Insight

by StarTex Software
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Why is This Software Different:

EHS Insight is software for improving EHS performance by managing risk, and increasing efficiency. An effective sustainability program is absolutely necessary to prevent injuries and illnesses in the workplace and severe impacts to the environment. It’s important. It’s the right thing to do. EHS Insight makes it easier.

  Software Description

Some people think powerful EHS software cannot be easy to use. EHS Insight proves harmony is possible and that users can love software. Let your organization love compliance by making it easy on them.

EHS Insight’s robust reporting gives you real-time access to keep your eyes on the status of assigned tasks across the entire organization. Get the insight you need to find trouble spots and ensure your organization’s compliance.

Whether it’s from the web, your smartphone or the offline application, it’s never been so easy to remain compliant with EHS software. With a simple, intuitive interface, getting you and your team on board is fast and easy.

  Product Details
Mobile:  iOS, Android, Windows Mobile
Industry Sector Focus:  Energy, Oil & Gas, Mining, Construction, Manufacturing, Food Services
Deployment:  Web, Desktop
Multi User:  Yes

  Features Checklist
  •    Air Management
  •    Auditing
  •    Build Custom Forms
  •    Compliance Management
  •    Corrective Actions
  •    Data Analysis Auditing
  •    Document Management
  •    Document Management
  •    Document Management
  •    Electronic Signature
  •    Email Notifications
  •    Email Notifications
  •    Energy Carbon Management
  •    Environmental Compliance
  •    Hazard Assessment
  •    Hazardous Materials Control
  •    Incident Investigation
  •    Incident Management
  •    Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
  •    OSHA Management
  •    Process Management
  •    Reporting & Statistics
  •    Requirements Management
  •    Risk Alerts
  •    Root Cause Analysis
  •    Safe Job Procedures
  •    Sustainability Management
  •    Training Management
  •    Training Management
  •    Upload Files and Photos
  •    Waste Management
  •    Water Management