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National Marker Company

NMC products deliver messages that protect everyone. We serve to give voice to vital information that safeguards the people of this nation. Our company is passionate about the integral role we play in ensuring that a family’s loved ones are protected.

Since the day National Marker Company opened in 1934, we have honored our timeless traditions of safety and quality.

Over 81 years later, the NMC team strives to accomplish the same two goals, by manufacturing the highest-quality safety identification products, and to help make the world a little bit safer.

We started off in Pawtucket, RI as a fire warning sign screen printer, manufacturing extinguisher labels to specialized printing for retail stores in the 80’s. As time went on, workplace safety awareness heightened, and in turn our line of safety identification products grew. To accommodate our significant growth, in 1999 NMC moved to a larger location in North Smithfield, RI.



100 Providence Pike
North Smithfield , Rhode Island , 02896
United States
[email protected]

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