In episode three of Women in Safety, sponsored by Safeopedia, we are talking to Lisa Kelly, President, Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence, and Gwyn Morasko of Morasko Mindset Mentoring. Join us as we discuss toxic work environments and how to create holistic wellness in our workplaces for our workers. Lisa and Gwyn share insights and stories from their own life experiences with us during our discussion.

About Our Guests:

Lisa Kelly, President, Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence ( a division of KWC Inc.) and Director of the “Workplace Wellness Leadership Certification Series” is an industry leader in the delivery of online, instructor-led, experiential corporate wellness training.

Her highly interactive certification programs provide a supportive and cost-effective approach to developing healthy and engaged workplaces. WWCOE program graduates cultivate in-demand skills and access industry expert support in leading workplace wellness teams and initiatives. To learn more about Lisa and her Workplace Wellness Certification Programs visit or connect with her at [email protected]


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Two-part article series on Toxic Workplaces:

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Gwyn Morasko of Morasko Mindset Mentoring. Gwyn is a Certified High-Performance Coach, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Workplace Wellness Consultant, and a Certified Professional Program Manager. As a Senior Program Manager in the corporate aerospace sector for over 30 years, she became driven to help others achieve their next level of high performance through mindset mentoring. Learning from her own personal experience, with overcoming the crippling pain, stubborn weight gain and fatigue associated with autoimmune disorders, Gwyn approaches her private, group, and workplace wellness consulting with empathy, education, and first-hand knowledge. Her passion in life is to reacquaint people with their vision of their best selves and to help them master their mindset, so they can master their lives.


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