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What should you look for in a moisture wicking fabric?

By Michael Schoonover | Last updated: March 1, 2018
Presented by Lakeland Industries, Inc.

Your choice of apparel can greatly impact your safety on the job. If you are working against the elements, on any given day you could be battling heat, humidity, rain or cold (learn the potential dangers in Workers and Heat Stress: What You Need to Know and Cold Stress: Your Winter Safety Guide). Moisture wicking technology can help you stay cool in hot weather and warm in cold, damp and wet weather. Moisture wicking technology in apparel involves the use of specific clothing fibers. These specialized fibers are designed to pull moisture off of your skin and transport it through the fabric surface, improving clothing comfort, cooling and insulation.

Here area few key qualities you should look for in a moisture wicking garment:


  • The garment tag should include a blend of synthetic and natural fibers
  • Look for a tag with a 55/45 blend for optimal moisture wicking capabilities
  • The garment should offer permanent moisture wicking technology
  • Don’t always opt for lighter weight materials. Just because a garment is deemed ‘lightweight’, doesn't mean it will actually keep you cooler.

When you are looking for the best moisture wicking apparel, consider the fiber technology and make an informed decision to help improve your on-the-job comfort, safety and performance.

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Written by Michael Schoonover | VP Marketing

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Mike Schoonover is Vice President of Marketing for Lakeland Industries, a global manufacturer of protective apparel. Mike has over 25 years of B2B sales and marketing experience working with a variety of safety equipment manufacturers.

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