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What kind of tags can be used for locking out construction equipment?

By Nikolaus Jakubinek | Last updated: April 3, 2019
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Construction sites are busy and complex workplaces with multiple trades and service providers coming and going, along with materials being delivered or transported. The machinery, equipment, and devices used on site are also exposed to the elements. All of this means that tools and equipment can easily get damaged. Lockout tags are no exception.

General contractors and workers rely on LOTO tags to identify those who have locked out equipment, their employer, and their contact information. Tags should also communicate that the isolating device and the equipment its affixed to may not be operated until work is complete and warn of the dangerous conditions if the equipment is re-energized. Because of this, the tag must be able to hold up to any weather condition, whether hot or cold, dry or wet. The information on the tag must remain clear and legible no matter the change in circumstances.

Since the potential for inadvertent removal or tearing of tags is quite high on construction sites, tags must be made of a material that can withstand impact and be virtually impossible to tear. They should also be able to withstand grease and dirt and be made of a non-conducting material. Finally, it should also easily attach to the lock and device for which they serve.


The tags used in construction must meet the same OSHA requirements as tags used in other industries. However, given the conditions on a construction site, construction companies should take extra care to acquire tags that are durable and able to withstand a number of different stresses and conditions.

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Written by Nikolaus Jakubinek | Health and Safety Manager

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