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What are some of the key safety benefits of implementing a visitor management system on a work site?

By Jessica Barrett | Last updated: December 17, 2019
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Whether it’s a manufacturing plant or a construction site, keeping track of visitors is of the utmost importance. Visitor management systems help organizations develop, employ, and streamline their visitor management policies. When it comes to safety, they’re useful for a few key reasons.

All the Data You Need Is in One Place

Paper sign-in sheets and badges are difficult to keep track of and can easily get lost. With an online visitor management system, the visitor’s name, company, and contact number can be kept on file along with things like a quick photo snapshot, waivers, hazard acknowledgements, and other documents. In case of an incident, this makes it easy to locate the necessary information. It also makes reporting that much simpler.

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Enhanced Worksite Security

It can be extremely dangerous to have visitors walking around a worksite on their own or, even worse, unauthorized. When a visitor signs in using a visitor management system, it automatically alerts the employee they are visiting. This helps ensure that the visitor is greeted promptly and minimizes the risk of someone venturing onto the worksite unsupervised.

Red Flag Alerts

Visitor management systems not only track who is on site, but for how long. When a visitor overstays their approved visit duration, the system automatically sends a notification to management so that appropriate action can be taken.

Live On-Site Data

In case of an emergency, an organization must be able to account for everyone who is on site. Visitor management systems provide detailed records of every visitor present and can help direct emergency response personnel to the appropriate locations, if necessary.

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