How Nudge Theory Can Reduce Hand Injuries

By Safeopedia Webmaster | Published: April 26, 2024
Presented by Superior Glove

Ever found yourself wondering why workers have absent minded accidents? It turns out our brains are engineered to optimize efficiency and respond swiftly. Most of our decisions aren’t the result of careful, rational thought. Instead, 90% or more of our decisions are driven by instinct. While this might be beneficial in saving time or effort, it doesn’t always result in the wisest decisions regarding our safety.

Because of this, the environment and context in which we’re making safety decisions plays a tremendous role in shaping our actions. This is good news! As Superior Glove has learned in their work with behavioral experts, we can reduce and eliminate injuries with tiny tweaks in workers’ surroundings—”nudges” that can sway decisions and spark positive behavior.

In this webinar, Superior Glove’s Jill Dales explain what nudge theory is and how to apply it to create a safer workplace that can change worker behavior.

  • What “nudging” is and how it can be used to reduce or eliminate hand injuries
  • How to assess work environments for place to institute nudges
  • Practical examples that can be implemented
  • What pitfalls to avoid when creating nudges

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