How to Build a Hand Safety Program

By Safeopedia Staff | Published: October 2, 2023
Presented by Superior Glove

Hand injuries are the #1 preventable industrial accident around the globe. But if they’re preventable, why are they so common? Often, it’s because we focus on PPE as our main defense against hazards when we should be looking to the hierarchy of safety controls to understand how we can reduce risks and change worker behavior before selecting PPE.

Join Superior Glove’s Hand Safety Program Manager, Kate Crespo, to learn about injury prevention that goes beyond PPE.

  • Understand what the most and least successful hand safety programs have in common
  • Get practical processes and tactics for creating a hand safety program that addresses all gaps in safety controls, not only PPE
  • Learn how to identify and overcome common barriers to using hand protection and increase compliance
  • Ask your hand safety questions live, and Kate will answer as many as possible

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