Avoiding Catastrophic Injury While Maintaining Comfort & Compliance in the Oil & Gas Industry

By Safeopedia Staff | Published: June 9, 2023
Presented by Radians

Join us to learn more about Fire-Resistant PPE that keeps your team protected, comfortable and Compliant. This engaging session aims to empower you with knowledge and best practices around ensuring employee health and safety while complying with OSHA standards.

You will gain insights on Fire-Resistant Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – a critical factor in the mitigation of occupational hazards in the Oil & Gas Industry. We will unravel how the correct fit can contribute to enhanced protection and compliance.

The session will cover:

  • Common Hazards in the Oil & Gas Industry: Delve into frequent workplace dangers and effective methods to mitigate them, creating a safe and productive environment.
  • Why Fit is Critical to Compliance & Protection: Understand why the right fit of PPE is not just about comfort but also fundamental to achieving safety compliance and optimal protection.
  • Designs & Features of Fire-Resistant PPE: Explore how specific features of Fire-Resistant Clothing (FRC) can enhance productivity across Up, Mid, and Downstream operations.

Join us to keep up-to-date with the latest safety practices and maintain your position at the forefront of industry safety standards. This webinar is a must-attend for safety managers in the Oil & Gas sector, HR professionals, and operational leaders who prioritize safety and compliance in their teams.


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