Taking the Next Steps with Wearable Safety Tech

By Safeopedia Staff | Published: May 13, 2022
Presented by Avetta

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In the last few years, wearable technology has assumed a critical role in the workplace safety arena, offering employers a reliable way to collect accurate, useful data about employees, their tasks, and their overall wellness. This technology can be useful over a range of applications, from monitoring for alertness and predicting worker fatigue to gauging physical exertion levels, identifying ergonomic problems, and assisting employees with difficult tasks. For safety leaders, wearable tech provides opportunities to better understand their workforce and isolate risk factors that lead to injuries, missed time, and significant costs, both direct and indirect. It also presents challenges, as the wealth of data provided by wearables can be difficult to parse out into actionable insights that help safety leaders improve their programming and keep workers safe on the job.

In this session, DORN Companies CEO Kevin Lombardo will review the landscape of wearable technology in 2022-2023, discussing how major employers from industries such as aviation, manufacturing, and others have used wearable devices to reinforce their safety programs and develop more effective practices. Exploring real-life case studies that reflect the efficacy of wearable technology, the session will focus on transforming data into action and identifying ways for safety leaders to integrate wearable tech while maintaining employee trust and keeping costs in line.

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