Protect the Tools You Can’t Replace

By Safeopedia Staff | Published: May 28, 2021

If protecting your hands was easy, you wouldn't have injuries. Join Radians to discuss hand protection for the MEP trades. Teaching you to keep your hands safe in a variety of different situations. The choice for any hand protection applications are usually driven by 5 attributes: fit & comfort, protection, grip, dexterity, and durability useful life. If all workers, from medical to industrial and everything in between, would just wear gloves, then more than 1 million hospital emergency visits by U.S. workers per year could be avoided. This webinar will discuss the most prevalent problems with their associated attributes: 1. Fatigue – Comfort 2. Skin Irritation – Comfort 3. Crushed Hands – Protection 4. Lacerations – Cut Level 5. Oils/Solvents – Grip

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