Video: The 3 T’s of Dropped Object Prevention – Preventing Injury and Damage from Up High

By Safeopedia Staff
Last updated: June 20, 2018
Presented by Ergodyne
Key Takeaways

These three simple but effective solutions can keep your tools and other objects up where they belong.

Dropping tools is always inconvenient. But when working at height, it's downright dangerous. Dropped tools and other objects can cause:

  • Severe injury to those working below
  • Damage machinery, tools, and other property
  • Decreased productivity to retrieve dropped objects

Thankfully, objects can be kept where they belong by using the three T's of dropped object prevention: Trapping, Tethering, and Topping. This video by Ergodyne goes over these three simple solutions for keeping objects secure while working at height.


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Written by Safeopedia Staff

Safeopedia Staff

At Safeopedia, we think safety professionals are unsung superheroes in many workplaces. We aim to support and celebrate these professionals and the work they do by providing easy access to occupational health and safety information, and by reinforcing safe work practices.

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