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-Writer has professional certification/degrees in the field
-Writer works in the field and has significant experience and background in the topic
-Writer has quoted experts w/ professional certifications and/or experience in the field in several places

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  • Image for Safeonomics: Episode 8
    Safeopedia Podcasts

    Safeonomics: Episode 8

    In this enlightening episode, Trevor Bronson delves deep into the world of EHS (Environment, Health, Safety) and the pivotal role of technology in enhancing its...

    By: Safeopedia Staff

  • Image for Safeonomics: Episode 7
    Safeopedia Podcasts

    Safeonomics: Episode 7

    Welcome to Safeonomics, your guide through the intricate realm of technology adoption, with a sharp focus on safety technology.Today, with Dr. Tristan Casey,...

    By: Safeopedia Staff

  • Image for Safeonomics: Episode 2
    Safeopedia Podcasts

    Safeonomics: Episode 2

    In this episode of Safeonomics, Scott and Gabe speak with Abby Ferri, Chief Risk Officer at Insurate and all-around Safety rock star, about what it means to be a safety...

    By: Scott Cuthbert | CEO & Co-Founder


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