In this episode of Safety With Purpose we are talking with Pedro Maciel the Host of The X-Factor of Safety Podcast and the Safety Engineer at C-Logic Inc, and Jason Lucasa Founding Member of the #SafetyJusticeLeague and the #SocialMediaSafetyMinute Content Creator. We chat about why we are so passionate about safety and how we are trying to increase people’s awareness of workplace safety through our Social Media channels. Jason and Pedro share their knowledge and experience with us during our discussion.

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About Our Guests:

Pedro Maciel is the Host of The X-Factor of Safety Podcast and the Safety Engineer at C-Logic Inc. Pedro is a bilingual, US Navy veteran, with expertise in developing behavioral based safety programs, and strategies designed to implement and maintain the safest possible work conditions. Experience in manufacturing, refinery, new construction, Haz-Mat, steel fabrication, workman’s compensation claims and safety legal matters. BCSP-CHST, OSHA Authorized Outreach trainer for both General Industry and Construction.

X-Factor of Safety:


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Jason Lucas who is a Founding Member of the Safety Justice League and #SocialMediaSafetyMinute Content Creator. Jason is a dynamic content creator and speaker that inspires others on how to accomplish their goals. His recent focus has been on content creation under the auspice of #SafetyJusticeLeague, and #SocialMediaSafetyMinute, which include short video series focusing on different safety concepts in short, under-a-minute videos that make safety more understandable to the people whose primary focus is not safety. Through articles, videos, and images he takes connections into a new understanding of what it means to be safe. He is currently using this information not only in content creation, but as the Corporate Safety Manager of Tidal Tank and Southern Tank Leasing.

Safety Justice League:

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