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Safety View with Andy Barker

By Tamara Parris
Published: July 9, 2021 | Last updated: November 4, 2021 03:50:44
Key Takeaways

Is building a business case for Safety, Health and Employee Wellbeing important?

On this episode of our Safety View Andy Barker, Rosa Antonia Carrillo and Tamara Parris host our discussion about building a business case for Safety, Health and Employee Wellbeing.

In the session we (our community) discuss “What is the "business case" for funding environmental, health and safety?” because safety professionals, and others who work with people, spend an inordinate amount of time gathering data to justify our initiatives.


Each one-hour session is hosted by an expert or stakeholder in safety performance. And each session invites all attendees to participate, listen, and learn from each other and through conversation and shared experiences. Collectively, we explore the human system’s impact on safety and performance - relationally, psychologically, and socially.

After a brief introduction to the topic and sharing of relevant research, the floor will be open for group conversation. We invite ALL to share their thoughts, and will openly embrace - actually encourage - different perspectives. We really want to hear from all, from those who can share measurable, scientific concepts, those who have knowledge gained from experience, and those who intend to learn and understand more.

Regular Hosts of the Safety View are:

Rosa Carrillo author of The Relationship Factor in Safety Leadership, safety leadership consultant, MS in Organizational development.

Tamara Parris, Community Development, Bachelors of Social Work, Occupational Health and Safety, and Emergency Management.

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Our Guest

Andrew Barker is the General Manager Group HSE at the Rezayat Group. Andy is a values driven, people person with high levels of emotional intelligence and a life learner who continually looks for opportunities to be a better person.

From a business perspective, his first significant HSE role in the late 90s, He led culture change that eradicated accidents, Europe wide, by helping people see how their actions and decisions affected others. In subsequent roles, He has learned what works, and what doesn't and today he is very proud to say that he can consistently demonstrated how to help people make good decisions, linking company values to individual job descriptions, working on trust across organisations and demonstrating how dignity, respect and credibility are the foundations for sustainable HSE performance.

Email: [email protected]



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Written by Tamara Parris

Profile Picture of Tamara Parris

Tamara Parris is the VP of Community and Business Development at Safeopedia, and owner of EHS Professionals Group on LinkedIn. Her passion is working with other EHS Professionals to collaborate in thought leadership, networking and connecting our industry peers to resources that will increase profitability and safety practices within their workplaces. Tamara has been in the Health and Safety field for over 20 years, her industry experiences include the Construction sector, CCTV and Security, and Commercial Retail industries.

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