What is your Air Cleaning Plan? In episode 12 of Safety Talks Dr. Michael Seitz of BlueSky Global and Tamara Parris talk about Aerosols! We hash out how does an aerosol virus (such as COVID-19) transfers between people then dive into WHY it is so critically important to clean our air in Public indoor spaces! Michael believes we need to start pushing our Governments and Business to clean our air in Public, Commercial and Industrial spaces to really mitigate the current viral pandemic AND start protecting the air we breathe daily moving forward ~ beyond the Covid-19 crisis.

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About Our Guests:

Dr. Michael Seitz is the founder of BlueSky Global, and industrial air pollutant and dust collector in 2005 I developed the blueprint for an entirely new dust collector. My patented, modular design uses SmartBox® modules that encapsulate the filters and captured dust. So, no more spills or messy filter change-outs. And no more headaches! Using a BlueSky®dust collector with its patented SmartBox® Technology means hazardous dust and filters are always encapsulated, during use and disposal. Nobody touches any pollutants ever. It protects worker's health, saves the environment and shields businesses from future lawsuits.

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/dr-michael-seitz-6792ba1a

Websites: bluesky-global.com(Company Website)

Youtube: youtu.be/p3ovV1Tc65A

Phone: 832-212-0963 (Mobile)

Email: [email protected]