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Safety software that creates a sustainable safety management system. ZeraWare gives safety managers powerful safety management tools for managing the key components of a sound safety program and ensuring compliance with OSHA requirements.

Software Description

ZeraWare is a sustainable safety management system for managing a sound safety program. Our safety management applications solve safety program problems, streamline safety management tasks and make OSHA compliance easier. A unique advantage of ZeraWare is the configuration options. You have a choice. Your safety database can be web based on our Cloud platform; or client server, with your database on your network server. Our safety software was created by a Certified Safety Professional with 20 years of safety management experience. The safety management applications are practical and user friendly. An Enterprise version has special features: integrate ZeraWare with your Active Directory, employ a role based permission system, send automatic e-mails when incidents occur and inspections or investigations require corrective actions. Our Dashboard compiles safety data in real time. ZeraWare enables safety managers to create a safety database, track an assortment of safety functions and administer a safety management system that excels.

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