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All safety forms can be completed "on glass"Paperless SWMS and JSAs
Forms are tied to projects, plant and people
Instantly alert your teams of issues and dangers
Save on administration costs

Software Description

Safety Module Features:

Simple to Use

Fill out forms in seconds using easy-to-follow workflows.

Intelligent Forms

Create specific workflows that adhere to your organisational requirements.

Work Safer

Dynamically communicate updates in procedures and risks out to your team.

NFC Tag Workflows

Allow designated safety forms to appear once equipment is activated.

Safety Forms Creation Wizard

Follow simple workflows to build your own safety forms as required.

Works offline

It fully works offline and syncs seamlessly in the background.


Lodge breaches in safety regulations notifying responsible team members instantly.

Incident Reporting

Record incidents, workplace injuries and near misses in a centralised database.

Integrated System

Safety forms are tracked to individuals and against specific projects.

Product Details

Multi User

Features Checklist

Academic / Education
Air Management
Archiving & Retention
Asynchronous Learning
Audit Trail
Blended Learning
Branded Website
Build Custom Forms
Built-In Course Authoring
Certification Management
Classroom Management
Compliance Management
Contact Management
Control Self Assessment
Controls Testing
COR Certification
Corporate / Business
Corrective Actions
Customs Compliance
Data Analysis Auditing
Document Management
Electronic Signature
Email Notifications
Emissions Inventory
Energy Carbon Management
Environmental Compliance
FDA Compliance
Field Level Risk Assessment (FLRA)
GPS Tagging
Group Management
Hazard Assessment
Hazardous Materials Control
HIPAA Compliant
Incident Investigation
Incident Management
ISO 14001 Conformance
ISO Management
Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
Learning Management (LMS)
Live / Video Conferencing
Mobile Learning
OSHA Management
Process Management
Reporting & Statistics
Requirements Management
Risk Alerts
Root Cause Analysis
Safe Job Procedures
Safe Work Practices
Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
Scheduling & Events
Search Functionality
Social Learning
Subject Profiles
Sustainability Management
Synchronous Learning
Testing / Assessments
Training Management
Upload Files and Photos
Waste Management
Water Management
Worker Profile & Safety Records
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