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Manage any compliance project—across departments, across sites, across industries and around the world!

THINQ Compliance Manager brings together seven powerful software tools - all flowing from one customizable engine and configurable within the standard TCM packageTCM is a powerful database application used by some of the largest Life Sciences organizations in the World to:
  • Act as their System of Record for compliance
  • Create and generate all compliance content for any project, process or system
  • Support management of any validation project to GAMP5, IEEE or any internal policy standard
  • Automate all testing required for any validation project
  • Capture all compliance evidence electronically
THINQ Compliance Manager Software is brought to you by THINQ - your quality, compliance and risk-management partner

Software Description

Key Functionality

Using THINQ's exclusive Traceability and Linking technology regulated organizations .can now manage, control and report on how they maintain compliance with any set of regulations.Manage FDA and other regulatory agency validations with a methodology that conforms to GAMP but can be adjusted to your internal policy requirements.Manage SOX compliance by fully documenting business processes, IT controls and Testing with full auditability.Manage ISO compliance by managing the relationship between specific ISO areas and your policies and standard operating procedures

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