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Sospes Inc.

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Sospes is Intuitive Web and Mobile Software that allows workers to report workplace Incidents, Close Calls and make Suggestions in real-time.

Software Description


Intuitive Mobile Application

  • Users report Incidents, Close Calls and make Suggestions
  • Incognito option encourages close call reporting and suggestions, expanding risk identification
  • Emergency Button notifies key personnel
  • Apple and Android phone and tablet compatible


Mobile Incident Reporting

  • Voice and keyboard entry
  • Take and attach photos
  • Captures GPS coordinates for location identification

Supervisor PortalSospes

  • Key performance metrics including cost accumulation
  • Incident Report management and status
  • Complete Incident ReportAssign actions such as witness reports, investigations
  • Group reports into a single incident
  • Automatically generates required OSHA reports
  • Accumulates information for Employer’s First Report of Injury for Worker’s Compensation

Risk Assessment &

Incident InvestigationSospes

  • Supports decisions on further actions
  • Correlation between risk, actions and cost for reporting
  • “5 Whys” root cause analysis guides incident understanding and Preventative Action development
  • Team-based analysis and results summaries

The Safety Landscape

When You Partner with Sospes


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