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Snapfile ONtrack

by Snapfile
A Snapfile(tm) is a secure file made up of photos and form data; it is date, time and location stamped. It is can be created and updated using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. What makes a Snapfile(tm) unique is the encryption methods used to capture, secure and store the content in a format that renders it non-repudiable and compliant with digital evidence standards.

Software Description

Secure Data Recording
SnapfileTM technology transforms any mobile device into an enterprise level data management system. Authorised users create a SnapfileTM using live photos and data entered into pre-set form fields. The information is secured using multiple layers of encryption. It is this encryption that makes a SnapfileTMtamper-evident.

A Geographic Information System
When logging an event, scheduling work or notifying co-workers of defects, it is vital that the location is precise. SnapfileTM acts as a GIS tool, using mobile mapping technology to geo-locate observations with pinpoint accuracy. Locations can be viewed in Google Street View or map view and can be adjusted by the user if necessary.

Product Details

Multi User

Features Checklist

Build Custom Forms
Certification Management
COR Certification
Corrective Actions
Data Analysis Auditing
Document Management
Field Level Risk Assessment (FLRA)
GPS Tagging
Hazard Assessment
ISO 14001 Conformance
Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
OSHA Management
Requirements Management
Root Cause Analysis
Safe Work Practices
Training Management
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