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A Snapfile(tm) is a secure file made up of photos and form data; it is date, time and location stamped. It is can be created and updated using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. What makes a Snapfile(tm) unique is the encryption methods used to capture, secure and store the content in a format that renders it non-repudiable and compliant with digital evidence standards.

Software Description

Secure Data Recording
SnapfileTM technology transforms any mobile device into an enterprise level data management system. Authorised users create a SnapfileTM using live photos and data entered into pre-set form fields. The information is secured using multiple layers of encryption. It is this encryption that makes a SnapfileTMtamper-evident.

A Geographic Information System
When logging an event, scheduling work or notifying co-workers of defects, it is vital that the location is precise. SnapfileTM acts as a GIS tool, using mobile mapping technology to geo-locate observations with pinpoint accuracy. Locations can be viewed in Google Street View or map view and can be adjusted by the user if necessary.

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