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SafetyTek Software

by SafetyTek
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SafetyTek's widely adopted, cloud-based EHS software gives businesses the automation and data insights needed to proactively protect employees' health and safety.With the simple-to-use mobile app and web platform, you can motivate workers to complete safety documentation on time, keep up with regulatory compliance such as conducting external audits, supplying documentation requests to authorities, and reporting incidents, all while delivering value to stakeholders.

Software Description

Simple, Digital Workplace Safety Management.

Go Paperless: Use our digital safety forms or build your own, give access to all your workers (including sub/prime contractors), set reminders, corrective actions, auto-send emails, and collect submissions; all in a single platform.

Submit on the go: Workers can submit forms from any mobile device and easily sign off on any safety document with a quick scan of a QR Code which enables a more secure and faster method to account for workers on site. Don’t have an internet connection on-site? No problem, the SafetyTek App also works offline!

Deliver Safety Info: Store all of your safety reference documentation, including safety manuals, MSDSs, legislation handbooks, work procedures, and Toolbox Talks - in any format and in one easy-to-access place. Deliver them to specific workers or all of them at the required time, and even track consumption of content.

Track Training: Never lose a training certificate again by allowing workers to carry all of their training certificates on the SafetyTek app. Admins can easily find out who’s certification is missing or about to expire, and also run training reports for regulatory authorities, auditors, or clients when needed.

Manage Incidents: Consolidate all your data, including form submissions, witness statements/pictures, and corrective actions, surrounding an incident report. Assign case numbers and define root causes for future reporting on historical trends. You can also analyze which users are frequently involved in incidents to understand risk.

Discover More: Identify where safety breaks down and drill into details to gain actionable insights. Track leading indicators such as toolbox talk frequency, which users are not active in performing safety, how many corrective actions are unresolved or overdue, and more.

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Product Details

Multi User

Features Checklist

Archiving & Retention
Audit Trail
Build Custom Forms
Certification Management
Compliance Management
Contact Management
COR Certification
Corrective Actions
Data Analysis Auditing
Document Management
Electronic Signature
Email Notifications
Environmental Compliance
FDA Compliance
Field Level Risk Assessment (FLRA)
GPS Tagging
Group Management
Hazard Assessment
Incident Investigation
Incident Management
Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
OSHA Management
Reporting & Statistics
Risk Alerts
Safe Job Procedures
Safe Work Practices
Subject Profiles
Training Management
Upload Files and Photos
Worker Profile & Safety Records
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