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SafetyTek Software

by SafetyTek
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SafetyTek is a Software-as-a-Service provider that is changing the way companies manage their safety. Companies that begin using SafetyTek soon see how all of their safety forms are submitted directly to management through the news feed. They can then locate the form PDF files as they are automatically filed in their designated folders on the file system. They also begin to see first hand how much time and money you save by not having to collect, transcribe, and file paperwork any longer.Companies can eliminate chasing down forms from their workers, filing those paper forms into filing cabinets, and transcribing paper forms into a software package for reporting.Other benefits include tracking training certificates for every user, closing the loop on corrective actions using SafetyTek's action items, and reporting on any form entry field by creating a custom query to look into your form submission database.

Software Description

Stop Pushing Paper, Start Pushing Productivity.

Increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability by dropping the frustrating value-destroying tasks involved with paper-work. Decrease your company’s risk by knowing how the safety plan is performing.

Spend less time searching for paper or calling employees with requests. Shorten audit time by producing audit information faster. Above all else, experience peace of mind knowing that your safety forms are being filled out on time.

Begin the transition to paperless. No more lost or mis-filed documents. Get a live view of submitted forms. SafetyTek is accessed on any modern mobile device, enabling a company to leverage existing hardware to begin phasing out paperwork. Android, iOS, Blackberry, or Windows Phone? The hardware doesn’t matter.

SafetyTek has proven to be an effective means of reducing paperwork and streamlining the safety process all while increasing productivity. Gain immediate access to decision-critical data that would normally take weeks to prepare. Maintain safety compliance by having all of your forms readily accessible and provide documents to clients as they’re submitted.

Operational compliance and risks that are not addressed will contribute to poor performance or accidents. Close the loop on corrective actions to manage this risk. View leading indicators such as action items being completed within defined timelines and % of trained workers.

Visit SafeyTek online to view our pricing or to book a demo.

Have a look inside

Product Details

Multi User

Features Checklist

Archiving & Retention
Audit Trail
Build Custom Forms
Certification Management
Compliance Management
Contact Management
COR Certification
Corrective Actions
Data Analysis Auditing
Document Management
Electronic Signature
Email Notifications
Environmental Compliance
FDA Compliance
Field Level Risk Assessment (FLRA)
GPS Tagging
Group Management
Hazard Assessment
Incident Investigation
Incident Management
Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
OSHA Management
Reporting & Statistics
Risk Alerts
Safe Job Procedures
Safe Work Practices
Subject Profiles
Training Management
Upload Files and Photos
Worker Profile & Safety Records
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